Thursday, 4 April 2013

Boxson Chronicles I

Dr. Boxson was a depressed man. He was but a small man made entirely of cardboard and far too little of it at that.
Dr. Boxson was never appreciated by anyone. People never noticed him walking down the street. They just kept on walking, often breaking his possessions. But that was all about to change. He would be noticed, and people would experience the loneliness that he had lived with his entire life. He had been devising a way to force this upon every single individual on this planet.
Dr. Boxson moved silently over to his desk. He picked up the photographs of his past family. They had been murdered by those beasts who inhabited the Earth. He looked into his dead sons eyes. He looked happy; they all looked happy. Dr. Boxson had not experienced this feeling since that dreaded day. He smiled, and released a single tear.
The box man continued and cleaned off his desk. He eyed the red button in the corner of the desk. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.
 "Today was the day" he decided. It had to be done. Those monsters had taken all that he had ever loved. He Took one more breath and pressed down on the button. There was a silence and then a loud flash of light. The world would never be the same.
Hundreds of years later...
"Hey, is anyone there?" The catlike hominoid creature whispered.
There was a rustle in the cave. The catlike creature looked into the darkness and saw two reflections.
"Hey, its safe. I am not here to hurt anybody." 
A much smaller creature crawled out of the shadows and into the light. It was another catlike creature. 
"Hey, what's your name? Mine is Timothy." The larger being said.
"My-my name is Jack," the small one replied.
"Where are your parents?" Timothy asked.
"They- they were killed" Jack said.
Timothy thought for a second. "Do you have any family?" he asked, fearing the answer.
Jack said, sniffing "No."
Timothy took little Jack's hand and they walked away from the cave toward the hut that Timothy called home.
To be continued...

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