Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Boxson Chronicles III

*The creatures are no longer catlike, just normal humans*

The two people began the long trek back to Timothy's hut. Jack held on to Timothy's hand, tears in his eyes. He was scared and alone. All that he had known had been torn away from him by the bandits. They destroyed his home and killed his parents.

Three months earlier...
"Run. Run as fast as you can and don't look back. I will be OK," The older figure said, crouching, weapon in hand. And then he kissed his only son, Jack. 
"What if you die?" the child whispered.
The man looked at his son and gave him a hug. He knew this was the last time he would ever see his son. 
"I love you" he said to Jack. He gave his child a final kiss on his forehead, and pushed him out of the hole in the back of their hut. As he did so, the vicious monsters who had once been men rushed in, eyes blazing with hatred and insanity. Jack's father had no hope of survival. He glanced out of the small opening in the back of his home and let out a single tear along with a smile. 
"You will do great things, my son" he said to himself. And then, darkness.

Jack ran. He ran so long and so hard that his feet were bleeding. He continued until he couldn't anymore. He fell to the ground and began weeping. He couldn't hold it in anymore. The pain overtook him and the small child went to sleep. He dreamed only of pain and felt lost. He was alone.
When he awoke, he looked around him. He had never seen this place before. He didn't recognize anything; not the waterfall and creek, the huge trees or the large cement structures of old. Now, he was truly lost.

Jack looked around and began climbing the small cliff where the waterfall was located. When getting to the top, he discovered a small cave behind some uplifted roots of one of these massive trees. It looked protected.
This is where I will live, the child decided.
 Over the next few months, he live off the land, hiding from all who passed his secret cave. He had lost any trust he had in humanity. They were all monsters. They killed his family. He was alone in this world.

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