Friday, 3 May 2013


Well, I couldn't find any of the pictures that were taken at Paestum, so here is just some blog I've roped myself into. I think the camera with the pictures got sent home with our shipment, but that's not important, what is important is that we leave this country in 1 week(s). Only one week left in this crazy/awesome country, it's a very bittersweet feeling indeed.

Mos def drove the Amalfi coast the other day, it was in the mondo (Ford Mondeo), but it was an extremely gratifying experience nonetheless. We took a couple random roads because yolo. We eventually stumbled upon a part of the coast that I didn't remember and it was the best part by far (driving wise). We were the only car on that part for the most part, until a bus got in front of us which would normally be a nightmare situation on a road like this, but not on the Amalfi. The bus was absolutely mingin on this road and I had to actually start trying in order to keep up with it.
Stock photos FTW

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Boxson Chronicles III

*The creatures are no longer catlike, just normal humans*

The two people began the long trek back to Timothy's hut. Jack held on to Timothy's hand, tears in his eyes. He was scared and alone. All that he had known had been torn away from him by the bandits. They destroyed his home and killed his parents.

Three months earlier...
"Run. Run as fast as you can and don't look back. I will be OK," The older figure said, crouching, weapon in hand. And then he kissed his only son, Jack. 
"What if you die?" the child whispered.
The man looked at his son and gave him a hug. He knew this was the last time he would ever see his son. 
"I love you" he said to Jack. He gave his child a final kiss on his forehead, and pushed him out of the hole in the back of their hut. As he did so, the vicious monsters who had once been men rushed in, eyes blazing with hatred and insanity. Jack's father had no hope of survival. He glanced out of the small opening in the back of his home and let out a single tear along with a smile. 
"You will do great things, my son" he said to himself. And then, darkness.

Jack ran. He ran so long and so hard that his feet were bleeding. He continued until he couldn't anymore. He fell to the ground and began weeping. He couldn't hold it in anymore. The pain overtook him and the small child went to sleep. He dreamed only of pain and felt lost. He was alone.
When he awoke, he looked around him. He had never seen this place before. He didn't recognize anything; not the waterfall and creek, the huge trees or the large cement structures of old. Now, he was truly lost.

Jack looked around and began climbing the small cliff where the waterfall was located. When getting to the top, he discovered a small cave behind some uplifted roots of one of these massive trees. It looked protected.
This is where I will live, the child decided.
 Over the next few months, he live off the land, hiding from all who passed his secret cave. He had lost any trust he had in humanity. They were all monsters. They killed his family. He was alone in this world.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Boxson Chronicles II

Mere seconds after pushing the large red button on his desk a large flash of light was seen in the distance. Dr. Boxson knew that this meant that no one within the rather sizeable blast radius of approxiamately 18,000 kilometers would even stand a chance of survival, not even the people that most would consider innocent and blameless, but Dr. Boxson pushed away any feelings of remorse as he double checked that all the blast doors were in fact secured.
The blast ripped through the city below him, screams of panic were quickly snuffed out by the almost instantaneous wave of death and destruction radiating from the bomb located in the plains of southern Oklahoma. Skyscrapers crumbled before the might of the explosion, the earth itself seemed to tremble with fear as its inhabitants lives were abruptly cut short by the masterfully created bomb of Dr. Boxson.
~    *    ~
 The bomb itself was somewhat of a marvel of modern science, able to wipe out any and all organic matter with minimal destruction to earth's crust all while being able maintain a massive radius of dissolution. This was the exact bomb that Dr. Boxson devised for the Department of Defense and the very same one that was condemned too powerful for any one faction to have posession of. Before word of the existence of such weapon of mass destruction ever reached the rest of the it was sentenced do be completely dismantled and disposed of. The creator of the bomb, Dr. Boxson, and several other high ranking scientists were put on this task. Dr. Boxson, being a faithful and patriotic american, knew that what he was about to do would go against everything he'd once stood for, but he had to think about his slain family. He continued on with his utterly detestable plan. Dr. Boxson quickly dispatched the other scientists on his team and stole away with his creation to another secure facility in southern Oklahoma where he synced it to a wireless detonator that he had stored in his bomb shelter. that he designed shortly after the plans for his explosive device were completely mapped out.
Dr. Boxson had gone dark, he used his prototype jetpack to retire to his specially fortified safe house, which had become locally known as "The Space Needle," until the time came when he had the strength to push the button that would end his suffering and begin the rest of the worlds.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

1.3 megapixels

Just the other day all of us (Deetles, me, mother and sister) went to Castel Sant'Elmo while Erik and and Amber were in Venezia.

A spectacular view of the greater Napoli are from atop one of the castle walls.
 More shots from the same wall, the church of something-or-other below us, in case you were wondering and Vesuvio in the distance.

 Here is yet another shot in super high, 1.3 megapixel def, but this one has a 15-25 degree rotation to the left.
 More towards the underbelly of the castle and yet still very far up in the building itself.
Finish off with these chumps chilling on these sweet cannons.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Pizza Stone

Quick blog about the stones first pizza here in Italia.
Not terribly long after arriving Deetles and I dropped down to Manfredi (a pizzeria right downstairs from us) for some authentic, Napoletana delicacies.

 Slicing into our spoils that we obtained from the downstairs realm. 
Look at these chumps ^
  Well, I guess we're eating in this picture, cause, you know, eating.
A very delicious margherita pizza in the foreground here with the mildly superior specialty pizza of Manfredi, The Manfredi, which consists of fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella di bufala, diced tomatoes and a ricotta stuffed crust. Needless to say, all was quite top, (except for this blog).

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Boxson Chronicles I

Dr. Boxson was a depressed man. He was but a small man made entirely of cardboard and far too little of it at that.
Dr. Boxson was never appreciated by anyone. People never noticed him walking down the street. They just kept on walking, often breaking his possessions. But that was all about to change. He would be noticed, and people would experience the loneliness that he had lived with his entire life. He had been devising a way to force this upon every single individual on this planet.
Dr. Boxson moved silently over to his desk. He picked up the photographs of his past family. They had been murdered by those beasts who inhabited the Earth. He looked into his dead sons eyes. He looked happy; they all looked happy. Dr. Boxson had not experienced this feeling since that dreaded day. He smiled, and released a single tear.
The box man continued and cleaned off his desk. He eyed the red button in the corner of the desk. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.
 "Today was the day" he decided. It had to be done. Those monsters had taken all that he had ever loved. He Took one more breath and pressed down on the button. There was a silence and then a loud flash of light. The world would never be the same.
Hundreds of years later...
"Hey, is anyone there?" The catlike hominoid creature whispered.
There was a rustle in the cave. The catlike creature looked into the darkness and saw two reflections.
"Hey, its safe. I am not here to hurt anybody." 
A much smaller creature crawled out of the shadows and into the light. It was another catlike creature. 
"Hey, what's your name? Mine is Timothy." The larger being said.
"My-my name is Jack," the small one replied.
"Where are your parents?" Timothy asked.
"They- they were killed" Jack said.
Timothy thought for a second. "Do you have any family?" he asked, fearing the answer.
Jack said, sniffing "No."
Timothy took little Jack's hand and they walked away from the cave toward the hut that Timothy called home.
To be continued...

Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Horsemen

I am going to come up with a short story for one of these horses and I'll leave prompts for the other two so that you, the reader (if it so pleases you) can create your own story for them in the comments on Facebook. If it works, maybe I'll do another blog if not, it was totally your fault that it failed and you will be held eternallty responsible for my new thursday format.
 It was the final inning of Carl's tennis round when...
This, is Captain Blackeye of the wildly successful short story, "Blackeye's Vase."
The reason he has been portayed as a horse-man is because in the time that this statue was molded the horse-head was reserved for all traitorous scum such as pirates also, he actually had the head of a horse. As for the man standing beside him, the only confirmed crew member of the Appaloosa (the name of the ship) and his head is missing because Blackeye believed heads that did not bare the resemblance of a horse were unnecessary and overrated, as it turns he was right, he had the highest functioning crew of any pirate sailing the reasonably-high seas.
The reason this statue has been erected in such an urban shopping environment is because this particular store was crafted using many integral parts of The Appaloosa; Blackeye's lucky blue steering wheel and one of the portholes from the captains quarters.

These special jockeys from ________ rode ________ and their events involved...