Thursday, 25 April 2013

Boxson Chronicles II

Mere seconds after pushing the large red button on his desk a large flash of light was seen in the distance. Dr. Boxson knew that this meant that no one within the rather sizeable blast radius of approxiamately 18,000 kilometers would even stand a chance of survival, not even the people that most would consider innocent and blameless, but Dr. Boxson pushed away any feelings of remorse as he double checked that all the blast doors were in fact secured.
The blast ripped through the city below him, screams of panic were quickly snuffed out by the almost instantaneous wave of death and destruction radiating from the bomb located in the plains of southern Oklahoma. Skyscrapers crumbled before the might of the explosion, the earth itself seemed to tremble with fear as its inhabitants lives were abruptly cut short by the masterfully created bomb of Dr. Boxson.
~    *    ~
 The bomb itself was somewhat of a marvel of modern science, able to wipe out any and all organic matter with minimal destruction to earth's crust all while being able maintain a massive radius of dissolution. This was the exact bomb that Dr. Boxson devised for the Department of Defense and the very same one that was condemned too powerful for any one faction to have posession of. Before word of the existence of such weapon of mass destruction ever reached the rest of the it was sentenced do be completely dismantled and disposed of. The creator of the bomb, Dr. Boxson, and several other high ranking scientists were put on this task. Dr. Boxson, being a faithful and patriotic american, knew that what he was about to do would go against everything he'd once stood for, but he had to think about his slain family. He continued on with his utterly detestable plan. Dr. Boxson quickly dispatched the other scientists on his team and stole away with his creation to another secure facility in southern Oklahoma where he synced it to a wireless detonator that he had stored in his bomb shelter. that he designed shortly after the plans for his explosive device were completely mapped out.
Dr. Boxson had gone dark, he used his prototype jetpack to retire to his specially fortified safe house, which had become locally known as "The Space Needle," until the time came when he had the strength to push the button that would end his suffering and begin the rest of the worlds.

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