Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Horsemen

I am going to come up with a short story for one of these horses and I'll leave prompts for the other two so that you, the reader (if it so pleases you) can create your own story for them in the comments on Facebook. If it works, maybe I'll do another blog if not, it was totally your fault that it failed and you will be held eternallty responsible for my new thursday format.
 It was the final inning of Carl's tennis round when...
This, is Captain Blackeye of the wildly successful short story, "Blackeye's Vase."
The reason he has been portayed as a horse-man is because in the time that this statue was molded the horse-head was reserved for all traitorous scum such as pirates also, he actually had the head of a horse. As for the man standing beside him, the only confirmed crew member of the Appaloosa (the name of the ship) and his head is missing because Blackeye believed heads that did not bare the resemblance of a horse were unnecessary and overrated, as it turns he was right, he had the highest functioning crew of any pirate sailing the reasonably-high seas.
The reason this statue has been erected in such an urban shopping environment is because this particular store was crafted using many integral parts of The Appaloosa; Blackeye's lucky blue steering wheel and one of the portholes from the captains quarters.

These special jockeys from ________ rode ________ and their events involved...

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