Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Calamities I

So apparently, yesterday a building partially exploded just down the street from us. We were told that there was a gas leak or something along those lines and it combusted which ultimately resulted in the calamity you see in the pictures below.
 We were informed by some people that there were multiple fatalities and others said that there weren't any at all. All of Riviera di Chiaia was shut down for the clean up of the building rubbish and instead, Via Partenope was opened up.
The next  two catastrophes I don't have pictures for.

The other day the Citta della Scienza burnt down, I'm not certain the cause of this but I assume it was accidental. Luckily, before it burnt down we were able to visit it and "steal" some hujangus basilco leaves.
This last incident isn't quite so disastrous as the previous, it's more just something we happened upon on the way home today. A man was sitting on the sidewalk and not 50cm in front of him there was a puddle of the brightest blood I've ever seen. I think what happened was his foot was run over or something similar.
Just another week living here in Napoli.

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