Monday, 18 March 2013

Monday Update

As I'm sure all three of my regular readers have seen, I done been slacking on my blog, but for good reason or rather I have good excuses for doing so. Anyways, now I gotta do a Monday update as well as my usual Tues and Thurs posts.

Last week sister and I went to the Faulkner's for a few days whilst the rents were at a business something-or-other, had good times over there, played some vimleogames, watched a couple Predators and best of all, had some slicious meals made by Mrs. Faulkner. The Predator movies were terrific, Ryan and I watched the first one on our first night and it was pretty epic, except for the part where Carl Weathers died. The second one was fantastic, a Predator gets to LA (I think) and runs rampant amongst the local gangs while Danny Glover disobeys orders like a son in order to chase after the Predator. In the second movie the Predator has some new weaponry for better disposing of gang members with and he uses these to raid a crimelords home where the crimelord is being killed by some Jamaicans. When the Predator shows up he absolutely wrecks all the Jamaicans and then takes off through the glass roof, shortly after this ordeal Danny Glover bends a few direct orders to investigate the penthouse where he and some other blokes find the only survivor of the whole massacre.

I've gone into probably more detail about this movie than I should have for a blog chronicling my stay here in Italy so I'll go ahead and stop now and just leave you with this picture.

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