Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Assisi/ A Little Bit of Gubbio

This is a blog heavy laden with pictures so I figure, if a picture is worth a thousand words, I have a college graduate length paper right here and that is why only a brief description will be following each photo.
To start off, here we have our first church of the journey,
 the one with a giant, golden figure atop its steeple.
 This is a different place and as you can hopefully see, this one has no golden figure.
A small overview of the Assisi area with a few chumps in it.

A two story church, complete with an ongoing
 mass and an old man ranting in the adjacent piazza.
 Hard to go wrong with ye olde carousel, especially with 17+ year old children on it (from our group of course).
Here is the previous church from a different angle, pretty spiffy.

A rather large castel atop a hill.

 Instruments of epic proportion inside the afore mentioned castel.
Also inside the castel was this very
 Minecraft-esque tunnel stretching from the main body out to what I assume is a watchtower of sorts.
To finish it off, here's Steve holding the modern worlds most impractical camera.

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