Thursday, 21 February 2013


Time for some slightly more in depth retailing of the Vamlemtimes party at the Bracken estate.
Showed up early because that's how we roll, brought our party supplies to the top floor of the beach-view monolith and then everyone that was present, including ourselves, went to ye olde beach for some good old fashioned sand arting. After several masterpieces were created the other 2/3 of the purple brigade rolled, but unfortunately one of them was not in the proper attire, needless to say, he was temporarily shunned. A few more sand drawrings were completed the whole party shifted back to the Bracken residence for some crafts and on the way up Ryan and Austin had to race the elevator up six floors, it was brutal but we won.
Everyone instinctively congregated in the kitchen for some eats, at which point the candy quantity guessing game begun. I lost every time, end of story. Below you can see the product of the party's craft time, moustache creation.

Ryan with his sammichstache being used for eyewear. We were all supposed to make moustaches for our partners, but I was too proud of mine to let it go and you can see why in the picture directly  beneath Austin Thornberry.

 After moustaches were completed and candy guessed the party shifted once more, to the living room, where we exchanged valentines and wiled away our remaining time with musical duets and Ben Harper.
This is the less awesome version of our farewell picture, you can take it up with Alyssa if you want to see the raw, uncut version.

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