Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Cirkus I

Better late thane never, but here is the tale of my first ever experience at a circus of any sort.

I was certain of what to expect, but I went into it with an open mind and turned out alright. The night started with all of us sitting in the tent for a solid hour or so waiting for the show to start and being in Italy, I wasn't expecting the show to start anywhere near the scheduled time, but to my great surprise it started not 5 minutes after it should've.

The opening acts were all fine and dandy, Moira came out in her little Beetle 1100 or 1300, drove around for a spell and proceeded to retreat back into the bowels of the big top, not to be seen again for the remainder of the night. I don't perfectly recall all of the acts or which order they were in, (pixtures eventually) but the acts that presently stand out in mind I will share in moderate to below average detail.

Act 1≈ A phenomenal juggler took the ring and did some rather incredible feats with spheres, smaller spheres, bowling pins and some weird boomerangs. The spheres were quite entertaining because while he juggled 3 or 4 he had two others that he "juggled" by popping them out of his mouth (tis difficult to explain). The bowling pins had their own set of challenges that seemed very difficult but were made to look easy by this juggling connesieur. Sadly, there were no chainsaws being juggled. The boomerangs were tossed about in very lengthy fashions that I won't explain because it would ruin the magic! Also, I want to fit in more than one act on this blog.

Act 2≈ The giant spinning thing. This object and act cannot even bee described in words, you'll just have to wait for pictures.

Act 3≈ The big cats, everyone's favorite every time. All these tigers start sauntering in the ring and they all slowly take their positions on their respective chairs arranged around the ring. For the most part the trainer just made them do basic stuff, like stand up, run around, things like that, which is a feat in itself, just getting those tigers to get up on the chairs was enough for me. The show continued, the trainer kept getting after the young, white tiger for being a lazy cat and eventually all the tigers were sent back to their cages, save for two of them. The two remaining animals were required to sit upon a modified Moto Guzzi with a sidecar and ride around on it. This took a lot of coaxing on the part of the trainer, he had to keep riding around the ring and stopping to try and get these lumbering beasts to join him on the Guzzi for the final portion of the act. Approximately 5 or so minutes passed of him baiting the tigers before they would sit on the bike so he could end the show. The tigers did eventually ride a couple laps around the ring on the Guzzi so the trainer was able to send them back to their cages with their "friends."

There are still plenty of acts I didn't put on here, but rest assured, I will once I have acquired sufficient pictures.

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