Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Last Week's Happ'nings Recap

Right off the bat, Vamlemtimes day party, parkouring around some rocks to get onto the beach, made some sand drawrings, the other member of my purple brigade arrived at the party. Went upstairs, ate some eats, guessed some candy amounts (lost erry-one), made some killer moustache kookies and then ate said kookies. Moved that partay to the living room, busted out the ol' Ovation, jammed out some classic rock, received valentines from all, didn't bring any valentines, like a bwaoss. End Thursday.

Went to Ryan's, lykuhbawsz, played some PS3 for acres, ate some killer sausage soup crafted by Mrs. Faulkner and then hit up the church in Bacoli for some prime ride finding. Rode with Stefano to the bowling alley which happened to be right next to our home, inefficient as (your four letter word of choice here), bowled an 82 or some impossibly high score like that, stood in the weakest hurricane of all time, bought some candy bars and soda. Drove to a kebapp eatery, had some slammin' kebab, drove to Ryan's, almost watched a movie, fell asleep. End Saturday.

Here are some penguins, because penguins kick the pillars in!

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