Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Peeps

This was the first get together of the afore mentioned "peeps" here in Napoli.
Massive shoutout to Alyssa Bracken for chronicling our shenanigans throughout the city.
 Above we have what appears to be Ryan and Austin chillin' on the train ride into Napoli.
Shortly after leaving Amadeo Station we
 happened upon some stairs which I later discovered were a much faster way to our appartment. These were the best stairs for sliding on.
 We made short work of the trek back to the appartment and hen proceeded to rock out on the ol' Ovation for a while. I played, Austin played some and so did Alyssa. Here at base camp we figured out what exactly we were going to do with the day and once that had been decided we were off.
First stop, the wall along Via Partenope. We cut through the park across the street to get here at breakneck speed.

A lovely shot of the rocky coastline of Via Partenope.

A ground level shot of a rooftop plaza near Castel Dell'Ovo.

 This was about halfway up the Castel where it was windy in much excess and my hair was being quite unruly.
 Here we have Ryan very near the highest point we could attain by legal measures with the beautiful coast in tow.
The tumult of the sea crashing against the Castel walls far below.

This would be all of us studs atop the Castel.
 Fun fact, we were all, with the exception of Alyssa, discussing in great detail, Mario cart and other such nintendo titles.
Lastly we have a very over used bottle of prosecca a the bar we stopped at on our way back to the appartment.

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