Saturday, 19 January 2013

Motociclette I

This is a first look at the more common street bikes that we see here in Italia. As you can see, they are  far superior to all the Harleys we get at home.

This, is the Honda TransAlp, a terrific adventure bike that is unfortunately not imported to the US. These are fairly common in the Napoli and surrounding areas.

 Here we have the Vespa PX200, this is the 
 largest cc Vespa that I am aware of. They also come in a 150, 125 and 50. These scooters are everywhere in Napoli and you can always hear them because they idle like a CR500.
Next up is the Kawasaki er6-n. A very good looking street-bike and these are considerably less common than the TransAlp, but they are still more frequently spotted than 1198s.

 Now this bike is probably one of the coolest Beamer adventure I've seen, the F800-GS. These bikes are slightly less rare than the er6-n, but still not as common as a TransAlp or a Vespa.
Lastly on this list we have my personal favorite, the Ducati Hypermotard. Some of the coolest bikes that ride around here even with the fact that they're air cooled. We see these maybe once or twice a week depending on where we go walking.

This is only the first of possibly several more motocicletta blogs to come, let me know if you want me to change anything and I will be sure to not change anything anyways.

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