Monday, 14 January 2013

Fresh Move

After almost a full four months of moving from place to place we are finally moved in to the last of our housing facilities in Chiaia.
This is the view out of the westernmost wind- 
ow in the apartment (mine/Dante's). As you can see, it was a scosch rainy today.
Pan 90° left and you come to the TV which I will be using for epic nights of Halo 4.

Another rotation of 90° brings you to the hallway of nations. It goes in forever and has light years of storage in closets lining it.

Directly above the hallway hangs Juliann's loft room. The ceilings are too low for everyone else in the family, but it works for her.
One last quarter turn faces you towards Deetle's
and my beds. They are currently garbed in epilepsy inducing, candy cane bedding. Now that we have moved here all kinds of crazy clubbin' is gonna go down, fo sho.


  1. Only a homeschooler knows how to spell scocsh...haha! BTW please write more!!

  2. The only confusing part is that this blog says Juliann is writing it but it sounds like Race is writing? What? I'm confused. Still, thanks for sharing. love the posts. Oh, and get rid of the captsha security, pretty please.