Monday, 31 December 2012


We began our southward journey shortly after our final breakfast at La Vignetta (our hotel on lake Como). Breakfast consisted of some delicious cocoa krispies-esque cereal as well as a marmalade croissant alongside a cup of Italiano ciocolatta, but that's beside the point. We got the car all packed up and we were on our way.

Hopped on the autostrada out of Cernobbio due south-ish where we would stay for a couple of hours. Soon after commencing upon the autostrada I busted out ye olde Gameboy Advance SP for some Pokémon Crystal domination. I started by capturing the red GYRADOS at the lake of rage and after that I adjourned to Mahogany Town to rid the town of Team Rockets presence. After quickly dispatching these Rockets I defeated Mahogany Towns gym leader and obtained the corresponding gym badge. Upon completion of these trivial bouts I initiated my journey to the small town of Blackthorn for some R&R before FLYing to Goldenrod to get the underground key from the Rocket member at the top of the radio tower.
Around the time I collected to key from the Rocket executive we were nearing our intended location in Firenze, so I saved and shut off the Gameman. We parked our vehicle in a piazza near our hotel and after some searching we were able to find our two star resort in what seemed like someone's apartment. We unloaded the car, got somewhat settled in our room and set off to see what we could see, but obviously not before stopping for a marvelous burrito/wrap at a nearby kebab shop STOP

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