Thursday, 20 December 2012

Damiani Log

Just chillin at Damiani's, drinking the occasional cappuccino, eating croissants con crema, listening to the piano.  It is quite peaceful here, very laid back and no one seems to mind what you're doing.  Anyone can grab a slice of piano and no one asks them if they got permission or asks them to stop.

Everyone here seems to be an expert tennis player and when they they aren't on the court they are relaxing in the hot tub, sharing conversation.  We finally have a couple of rackets to play tennis with, albeit not our own rackets, they should still be able to get the job done until we are able to retrieve ours from Roma.

Hoping to have some church friends over this weekend for some maxin and relaxin, maybe some cards and definitely some hot tub.

This has been yore Captain,
Signing off