Wednesday, 3 October 2012

MX des Nations

MXD was in Belgium this year and we figured that since we are so nearby it would be a mistake not to go.  The trip started with another unpleasant trip to the airport where we were herded and crammed onto a 737 with no assigned seating.  Luckily the flight was only 2 hrs so it was at least somewhat bearable.  Just remember it is worth it to spend the extra money and not fly Ryanair.

We arrived at the Eindhoven airport where it was immediately noticeable that it was a much more organized and calm country.  Upon leaving the terminal in search of a rental car or taxi we walked through parking lot with a lot of money in it, Porsches, Audi's, Beamers and other assorted expensive, foreign cars.  We ended up just getting a taxi van to take us to our hotel because all the rentals were booked solid until MXD was over.

Saturday dad and I headed out to the track on foot (it was only a klick away), and when we arrived it was a little chilly and cloudy.  We missed most of practice but were still able to watch qualifiers but those didn't start until after it torrentially down poured on us and we were forced into a tent with a crowd of hundreds of other people.  Whilst in the tent I found some Brits near the center of the pavilion and we got to talking, real characters these guys, ended up handing me a beer which would later be stolen by mine father.  The rain eventually ceased and we went back to spectating, but before leaving the tent we found some other Brits with the most ridiculous chainsaw noisemakers probably known to man that they proceeded to start and run inside the tent(pictures to follow on Facebook).

As far as actual racing Antonio Cairoli won every moto he raced in, even qualifiers.  Americas team this year consisted of Dungey in Mx1, Baggett in Mx2 and Barcia in Mx3.  Barcia looked strong in qualifiers but ended up having issues in the final motos, Baggett rode really well and got us our best points but the compounded totals of our other riders wasn't enough to beat the Belgians or Germans.  Unfortunately for our other team, Italia, one of our riders crashed out, so all of Cairoli's victories ended up not counting in the end.

All in all a great time in Belgium, reminded us a lot of home, a little brisk and lots of foliage.  Almost forgot about the chainsaw dances, I'll try and post the video we took at a later time.

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