Monday, 24 September 2012

Dailies II

 This was our first of three mighty steeds for the touring of Italy, the humble Hyundai Ix-20.
 This image speaks for itself, and yes that is a beamer.
 A Renault Megane 5-door, not as stylish as the 3-door version but cool none-the-less. It's one of the more common daily vehicles seen around downtown Napoli.
 The most purchased vehicle in all of Napoli, the moped. There are many many different brands and models of these, such as Peugot, Kymco, Honda and of course Vespa. I don't have a picture of one but Honda makes a step-through that's modeled after a sport bike, it's the "I don't like actual performance from sport bikes but I want to look like I do," scooter.
 Here's a Yamaha that I haven't seen anywhere in the states, not sure of the alpha numeric designation but it seemed like something we should get a picture of.
 Trans-Alps are everywhere, you'll never see one in the states but overhere they seems to be the go to adventure bikes.
Thought it was a Mini? Nope, a Dacia. They were jealous so they decided to thieve the front end design from the old Coopers.

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