Thursday, 22 November 2012

PokeBlog #2

 PokeBlog Entry #2
First ever, fully completed pokedex, Sinnoh's. After about 25 hours of total gameplay I finally conquered an entire pokedex and even obtained some very intriguing legendaries along the way.
 After the completion of my Sinnoh pokedex I went on to further train my EMPOLEON, the dominator of Sinnoh's elite 4 and champion. At this current point in time, CHARIZARD (my EMPOLEON) is at level 83, the highest I have ever attained on any Pokemon game.
In between Platinum gametimes I worked on my Ruby playthrough with my MIGHTYENA and SWAMPERT. I had finally defeated the Elite 4+1 the other day, so I decided to hunt down RAYQUAZA and after many soft-resets I caught it with one ULTRA BALL.

Since Rayquaza had been captured and I still had my MASTER BALL, I had decided to, for the first time ever, attempt the capture of a random encounter legendary. After a few minutes of trial and error, I managed to encounter and capture LATIOS, the only legendary in the game that I have never seen before.

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